She is my spirit animal. I know she is going to be the one for every one who has watched the show. She is my favorite superhero and this is my favorite super hero show. Out of all the superhero shows why this is my favorite and why she stole my heart? There are plenty of reasons to that and this article will explain some of that and all the other articles this week will explain it as well. Today I will talk about her character,role and super powers in this one. So let’s get to it shall we?

Her Role,

She would be the main lead of the show who would be suffering from PTSD(Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). It’s a tough thing to beat or move on from it. So she would be struggling with it and she would find solace in the bottle and live her life in a mess. However it will change when she would be faced with a case. This case would cause an uproar in her life as it would bring her a familiar face in her life. This would really shake her because she would know what’s there in the end. This will start the plot of the show.

Her Powers,

She would have super strength as a superhero and an innate skill to solve cases as a normal human. When it comes to Jessica she doesn’t have any superhero name or suit that distinguishes her from her normal self. That’s why she is my favorite superhero and my spirit animal. That and some awesome zingers,one liners and banters that would always put a smile on your face. You would also love her attitude towards others which includes normal people and super heroes. Basically she don’t give a fuck.

The Trauma,

She would have went through a big trauma due to the villain of the show,Kilgrave. He would have a super hero power himself but he would use it in a weird way to hurt and harass others. He would have the ability to indoctrinate others and I will talk about his powers in a separate article. All you need to know is that he will be using this power in a wrong way and that will disturb the sanity of Jessica. She will escape his hold eventually but it will be one hell of a ride till then.

As a P.I,

She would be an amazing P.I who would have the ability to solve any cases. Obviously she is not Sherlock but she has her own way of handling the cases and solve the cases. She would take her work very seriously and that would even resonate in the Defenders show and the cases will be the reason she would find Kilgrave and take him down permanently. Overall she would be an amazing detective with a savage personality.

Her Friends,

Throughout the show she would not have that much friends. Except for two and one of them would turn into a hater when he would find out about the truth about Jessica. Which is also a long story so I will talk about it separately. Her one friend name Patsy,a radio jockey who would be the foster-sister who would always support Jessica in her endeavors. She will support her in the show by giving her strength to take down Kilgrave.

So do you like Jessica? Do you like the show? Let me know in the comments down below.

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