KURT WELLER-The Addled Agent

The agent who would be confused most of the time during the show. You might wonder how that would be a good thing for an agent. For a while you would question his existence and the hero status that he would have. That won’t go away for a while and personally never I would say. That would be due to the story and progression in the plot which would just drag the hero into some dumb territory that would make him not a hero in the show. Is he not a hero?Is he not a main character? Let’s take a look at his life to know more.

His Role,

He would be the agent in FBI solving some low-level cases when something would happen suddenly in his life. That would be Jane Doe. Wait how is that you might wonder. Well to answer that you have to take a look at her tattoos. That tattoos would have his name in the back side of her body in a big bold way. So all off a sudden he will become important in the show and as an agent he will handle all off Jane Doe’s cases and he will play an important role to find the true origins of Jane Doe.

His Professional career,

He would be a normal agent in the agency doing some normal missions but due to the inclusion of Jane he would be an important person with a high security clearance which will up his profile. Due to his promotion his team would also have a promotion. So he would feel right at home with the team. He would be the assistant chief in charge for the agency and after a terrible incident he will be the head of the agency in a single region. That would be an achievement.

His Family,

This is where things would get tricky because he would have a tough childhood. His dad would be accused as a killer for killing his neighbor’s daughter but he would escape Scott free but he would lose the respect of his son. He would have a sister who would have a connection with her father and she would act as a bridge. However that would not work out right but when Jane appears it would change their dynamic but that would also come back to bit in the ass for Jane and Kurt. Why is that? Watch the show to know more.

I don’t really like his character because he would be a normal dude who would be confused most of the time in the show. So what are your thoughts? Do you like him? Do you agree with me? Let me know in the comments down below.

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