Lily Aldrin-An Elegant Charmer

Marshall: I want a ballroom,pair of shoes and dancing in my marriage. I have wanted this since I was a little..

Lily: A little girl?

She is the real expert when it comes to these types of banters,yes I’m talking about the pocket dynamite herself ‘Lily Aldrin’. She would have played the most iconic women role in the modern century. She knows how to be an independent women and a nourishing house wife. That’s her skill,motherhood can only be desired by many and attained by few and for certain Lily is one of the few who has attained motherhood. Even as a friend she would control their lives and i know it’s sounds cruel but it would be for their own good. She would have a set of rules for herself and the gang and nobody will break them because nobody messes with Lily.

Lily as a friend,

She would be the female version of Ted always saying life altering quotes in the show and one my favorite is when she would teach Ted on why it is good to make mistakes,

“There are some things in life where you know it’s a mistake but you don’t really know it’s a mistake because the only way to know that it was a mistake is to make it and go “Yup that was a mistake” so the big mistake would be not to make mistakes because you will go about your whole life not knowing whether it was a mistake or not”. Let that sink in.

That’s just one point in the show,she would be an amazing friend to Robin sometimes going a little overboard(To the point of trying to make out with her). She would be the one to control Barney from time to time from his antics with the women. More than anything she would be the best friend to her soul mate and that’s what everyone wants.

Lily’s love life,

She would be the lucky one to have married the love of her life. Their love would be purely crafted by destiny but it would be revealed that she would have designed their first meet. How did they meet? Lily would break her radio and would search for Marshall to fix it. That first moment between them would be so romantic. They would set an example for all the couples all around the globe on many things about relationships. Their banters on many topics would always make you laugh. They are the best pair in TV and nobody is going to take the limelight from them anytime soon.

Lily’s role in the group,

She would play the role of a den mother protecting her friends from bad things. Sometimes even from themselves. The guy on the receiving side would be Ted. Poor Ted he won’t catch a break with the ladies and it would be revealed that Lily would play a major role in his love life. Since Marshall,Lily and Ted would be friends for a long time she would create an imaginary test called the front porch test where she would test the compatibility of Ted’s girlfriend,if they fail she break up the relationship. How?That’s what she specializes in,knowing how to manipulate other’s life for their own good. This would obviously piss off ted but soon he would realize that friendship is more important and he will forgive Lily. She would use her talent for the entire group and sometimes Barney would even use her services. That’s how good she is.

Lily’s professional career,

Her one and only goal would be to get somewhere with her art career. She would paint and she would also look for an art job but sometimes you can get lucky with just one thing in your life and for Lily it would be her love life. This would push her to take a job as a kindergarten teacher and it would be a perfect job for Lily. She won’t be satisfied with her job and when motherhood came along the way she thought her career was over. This would all change in the later stages of the show where she would become an art consultant for a billionaire. She would do something stupid in her life at the end of the first season and please don’t judge her for that decision.

Her optimism,

The fans of the show would know about the ray of sunshine that Lily would bring to the group. She would always find the positive in people all around her,not to shabby for someone who would have a dodgy childhood. That just means she would have daddy issues and her mom would be too tired from the work to take interest in her life. This would make Lily independent and she would even have a boyfriend Marshall. Yeah,Marsh-mellow and Lily-pad wont have happened if she never had broken up with her boyfriend. Her ex-boyfriend would be really weird and obsessive over Lily,stalking level obsession. Even with these challenges she would push through life with a big smile on her face.

Lily’s awesome quote and catchphrases,

Lily’s favorite catchphrase is saying “You son of a bitch!!” in a unique way. Just watch the show to enjoy her swearing moments. She also has a lot of dramatically life changing quotes like “Don’t always look for the negative things in life,instead of saying goodbye to the good things why don’t you say goodbye to the moments where you felt lost and moments where you have heard no instead of a yes.There will always be good things waiting for you”. She is definitely the shining example for hope.

That’s Lily Aldrin in a nut shell. You would be enticed and enchanted everything related to Lily. She is a great character ever written with a great knack to make zingers and to have legendary banters. She is also a great boyfriend and an amazing mom. Lily Aldrin is nothing but delight.

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