LINCOLN BURROWS-The Serene Sibling

The calmer of the two brothers and the one who would be imprisoned. He would not even be pissed at the authorities for catching the wrong guy for the crime. However he will be hopeful for getting out of the prison in the lawful way but that wouldn’t happen. So he would be pretty much get stuck there until his brother would get in the prison to break him out. So what would be the story about him and his perspective about the story. Let’s dive into the article without wasting time.

His Role,

He would be the collective brother in the prison. Even if the brother is a little angry or intellectual  he will not pace himself in the show. That’s where Lincoln’s role would start. He would be the controlling one who would direct the plan in a paved way for success. Sound’s simple enough right? Again breaking out of a most security prison is no laughing matter just because of the amount of things they had to go through. Lincoln would also be the communicator in the group,you know the one who talks with everyone to either distract them or calm them down. He is the important one in the group.

His character,

He would be the good guy that you would ever see. Even among the prisoners that is an achievement on its own. He would also help his brother with the plan to escape the prison. However he will be worried about the consequences that they would face when they escape the prison. Trust me it will be bad. He will be the one who would mold the group into a functioning one which includes hardcore criminals. So hats off to him for doing that while Micheal would have no patience for it. That would be his character defining moment in the show.

His Crime,

The main aspect of the show would begin with him get arrested right? So why? The reason would be a big spoiler thing. So you have to watch it on your own. They would also explain what happened to their family and the result they  would face after breaking out of the prison. Which will also be in the realm of spoilers. Again you have to watch the show to know more.

That’s why I’m here to tell you is it worth it to watch the show. It is absolutely worth it. So watch it and enjoy.

Have you already watched the show? Did you like it? Do you like this character? Let me know in the comments down below.

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