LOIS GRIFFIN-A Spiteful Diva

Meg : It’s Friday night i can be out partying instead of babysitting.

Lois : Damn it, if you wanna stop helping just say so but don’t you dare lie.

Peter : She torched your ass Meg, she torched it.

The women of the house who would be the one to hold the family together. Even through Peter’s stupidity or Stewie’s brilliance she would endure through every one of that. However that won’t give justice to her entire characteristic. She is also a diva and she likes to act bitchy when she gets a chance to. This pretty much sums the life of Lois Griffin but let’s dig deep down to see more about her life after marrying the fat guy.

Lois’s Past Life,

She would have an amazing life before her interaction with the fat man but she would still choose to love him,i guess love is blind. I’m not saying love is crap but Peter’s that dumb. However a billionaire’s daughter would become the lover of a poor towel boy who would show her just a bit of excitation. Sadly that excitation would be end of her rich life as she would be forced to live in a house with mortgage and a fat guy with no idea to run a family. Awesome time in her life would begin from this point. She would also be a porn star and a model in her teen years.

Lois’s Job,

She has no job. Taking care of Peter and the kids would be her job throughout the show. She will have some gigs here and there but it will all eventually be cut in the end of the episode. That sounds cruel but that would be the laugh factor in those episodes.

A job opportunity would approach the house,

Meg : Mom didn’t you study journalism?

Lois : Yeah I think I can apply for the job.

Gets selected as a fox news reporter. Helps a struggling comedian.

End of the episode,

Peter : What happened to your job?

Lois : Do you really care about it Peter,the episode is done and we are gonna go back to normal.

Peter : Yeah you’re right. Goodbye everyone.

Lois as a Mom,

It’s pretty straight forward she would be an amazing mom. Taking care of all her kids and sometimes even her husband who is a winning little kid. However she won’t be a good mom sometime which would show off in the kids making Chris mad or Meg.. Well nothing because who cares about Meg. Stewie is different because he would hate his mother from his birth. His sole mission would be to kill Lois or at least it was till the sixth season. After that point they toned him down for the fans.

Lois’s Friends,

She won’t have that much friend in the neighbourhood. Except for Bonnie who would be her only friend and Lois would be giving her life lessons from her own marriage. Go figure!. She would also try to be friends with other women in the area but that would never happen because of her bitchiness. That’s why she is spiteful diva in spooner street and all of Quahog.

Lois as a Wife,

She is a slut,well that one was quick. That won’t be the case in the start of the show but as it gradually continued she would start to get impatient with her husbands behaviour and it will be shown when she would have sex with different guys. As I said everything will return to normal after the episode but it will be lingering in the family. She would also be jealous of women talking to Peter. Overall a normal housewife.

That’s pretty much about Lois and all her antics in the show. Comment down below about your favourite moments about Lois in the show.

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