LUCAS & NATHAN SCOTT- The Bashful Brothers

Sometimes the parental lineage would be your number one enemy because it can screw up the name you are carrying. That will also screw up your confidence and your teen life. pretty much if you have a bad parent you are going to have a disturbed life. So what’s that have to do with this article you ask? These two-step brothers will have the same dad but different mom and one will grow up in a family while the other would be abandoned after birth which will decide their behavior and attitude. So let’s take a look at them shall we?

Lucas Scott,

When people get abandoned they turn into one of two kind,toxic or the symbol of optimism. Lucas would be the boy who his father would have abandoned but it would only make him a better person but only because of the right counsel from early days. His mother would have raised him well along with his uncle who would have given him some life changing advises. With all the right council he would tolerate the messed up family lineage and try to find himself in the forsaken world. That would have been the hardest thing to do for him because he will have a tough time in high school due to his brother who would be a spoiled brat. Love Life and career would be a hard thing for him because he will not find the right woman and that will hinder his romantic part. He will have a life threatening disease that will stop him from playing his favorite sports and it will ruin his career. However that won’t stop his life. He will be a coach in the sport molding players and he will also become an author. He will find the love of his life and live happily ever after but it would be a long path for him and finally he would reach it.

Nathan Scott,

The spoiled brat who would be the big bully in the school and he would give hard time for everyone at school none more than his brother. His hatred towards him would stem from how he was raised and that he would share the same family name. He would be the rich and popular who would always pick on the poor and weak. however his attitude will all change when he would meet the love of his life at a young age. They would even have a kid before the high school graduation and this will change his attitude towards Lucas because that woman would be the best friend of Lucas. She would be the middleman who would straighten things between them.  She will make a family and patch a family at the same time making her my favorite character of all time. So he would have a flourishing career and an incredible wife but he will have some problems that will disturb the sanctity of the family. How will he get though it ? Watch the show to know more.

So have you watched the show? Do you like these characters? Let me know in the comments down below.

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