In this one I’m going to be talking some of the main characters who would have gotten some low exposure in the show due to a majority of character pool and they would have joined the party a little late. They would also be one of the team members at a certain point in the plot but their importance will not be as vocal as it was for the first team in the show. But they will have a few importance in the show and I’m going to talk about them. So let’s take a look at them shall we?

Al Mackenzie,

He would be the mechanical genius in the show who would dictate how everything goes in the armory. He will have a sad past which will be abused by one of the villains of the show but I won’t show that here. He will always have a say in the team and his comments would save many people’s life. He would join the team when everything would have been disbanded and he would join with two other people and they would have an own agenda of their own. Watch the show to know more about that. His Importance will not just be in the armory but outside of it too because of the axe connected shotgun he would cause chaos.

Lance & Mockingbird,

The power couple in the team who would have an on/off relationship in the show and once they were even married would bring stealth and strength into the team. Lance would be the one with strength who would have the ability to kick ass without the need of any weapons. Mockingbird would also have that ability but she would be skilled at something else. That would be infiltrating any organization. She would be introduced to us as a secret agent inside hydra who would help Jemma get what she wants. So both of them are real cool.

Lincoln Campbell,

He would be one of the inhuman who would be the second in command for the inhuman society which would be led by Daisy’s mom. So naturally they both will have a lot of interactions and after they will enter into a relationship. I know it’s cheesy but ti will work out well in the show because the plot will take an interesting turn because of them being together and that is always appreciative.

So do you like these characters? Do you even like the show? Let me know in the comments down below.

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