Today I’m going to be talking about the team that was appointed to be the protectors of the world by Fury. They would be led by Phil and they would have a fancy ass ship as their ride. I’m not kidding their ship would have so many cool things that I can do an article just about that but I won’t. You have to watch the show to enjoy its beauty. Although I will talk about the first team that rode the plane. There was a lot of other people on board the ship throughout the course of the show but this team would be the best. I have already talked about the two and today I will talk about the rest.

Melinda May,

She would be one of the old colleagues of Phil and she would also know the secret of Phil. So she will play it cool when she is with him. They both would also nearly get into a romantic relationship or at least try to but they will kept separated by the plot of the show. She would be the quintessential bad cop who would kick ass and everyone would be afraid of her and she would played that part pretty well.

Grant Ward,

The stereotypical bad guy who would be a team member for some point and all of a sudden will change his mind to support the guy who brought him out of prison. He will silently get into the team of Phil and starts to gain the trust of everyone in the team and he will destroy the team from inside and it would all be for the glory of hydra which would be pretty obvious. He would not just give up and will come back for more even after he dies. How?Watch the show to know more.


The necessary nerds to the team who would bring the brains to the table. Also some jokes and quirks to the team. They both would have graduated from the same school and they will always have a thing for each other but the plot will be dragged on that front. However their advice to the team will always be great and they will have a big impact on the plot of the show and the progression of everyone. They will also keep the team together and the ones who solves most of the cases.

So sounds like an unusual bunch of group right? They were but an effective one as well. SO do you like these characters? Let me know in the comments down below.

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