Today I’m going to talk about the best episodes in the show which will showcase the best of the show and the ones that will urge you to give the show a chance. The show has different concepts that would be concentrated on each season and that’s a good thing. So I will talk about them all and I will explain about them all without any spoilers. It’s a hard thing to do but I will try. So let’s take a look at the team of agents who deals with a lot of weird shit over the course of the show. Shall we?

Season 1,

In this season we would be introduced to Phil and all his secrets that he would bring along with him. How is he alive and what brought him back? These questions will be answered through natural progression. The focus of the season would be weird cases and the team’s solidity when Captain America would be aired. Why? It would have direct impact on the show changing the show in the last six episodes with everything important going on and hydra trying to mess up SHIELD and Phil finding the true face of Grant. The best episodes to look forward are “The Only Light in the Darkness” and “Beginning of the End”.

Season 2,

In this season Phil would be given the power to lead SHIELD and bring it back to its former glory but doing it on the down low. He would face a lot of problems at the start but he will eventually overcome them all and he would even avert himself from a coup that would have destroyed his progression. Avengers 2 story line would be kicked off from this season which is always an awesome thing to do. The best episodes to look out for are “The Frenemy of My Enemy” and “Scars”.

Season 3,

In this season the in-humans would be the main vocal point of the show. They would lay the framework in the previous season but it will only come to fruition when this season would start and an alien crystal messing up everyone in the world. SHIELD should control the mess and come up with a solution to control the situation. However they would meet the best villain called the hive mind who would destroy most of the in-humans and some of their minds as well. But they will defeat him in the end after losing a lot. The best episodes to look for are “The Singularity” and “Emancipation”.

Season 4,

This is the crazy one of them all because there would be three parts to the show and one with the ghost rider,one with LMD (Live Model Decoy) and agents of hydra. All the parts of the show would be connected and it would be done in an intelligent way. I’m not gonna talk about anything from this season because it’s fully riddled with spoilers. But just one thing it would be an awesome season. So don’t miss it. The best episodes to look out for are “No Regrets” and “The Good Samaritan”.

So what do you think? Will you give the show a chance? Let me know in the comments down below.

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