MICHAEL SCOFIELD-The Bashful Brother

The brother who would be determined in his job to get himself arrested by the cops. Sounds bad right? It is bad but when you think about the context of the show or his personal purpose he will like a saint to everyone. Just depends on perspective. So what’s so important that he desperately walks into the cops hands in the easiest way possible. Would he do what he sets out to do? Would you understand his motives? Let’s dive into this article to know more about him and all his endeavors.

His reason,

At the start of the pilot we would see the hero doing something incredibly stupid that would land him in jail without any questions asked. Just like that and till that point you would not trust him or respect him until his reasons would be explained by himself after a while. Family would be the sole reason for his arrest. He would have a brother who would be arrested for a wrong reason. So he would get arrested to get him and his brother out of the prison. This would all be evident from the title of the show but the build would be great. So you will be anticipating about the plot in the pilot of the show.

His brother,

He would be a normal middle age man with a boring job before all this would happen. He would also be the one who would accept his fate and just settle down in the prison. He will be contempt with his life. That will change when he would see his brother who had a good life getting himself arrested for him. At first he will be disappointed with his actions but a faint hope will blossom when he would hear his plan for the prison breaking mission. A tactical masterpiece hidden in the most safest place known by man kind.

His plan,

He would have hidden the plan in the place where the police would least expect. His entire body. Yes sounds revolutionary right? I mean the cops working at the prison for their life will know the layout just from looking at it or have some doubt on him. However that won’t be the case. He will freely roam the placed with the escape plan right with him. So he would plan to gather the resources along with his brother and escape the place. It won’t be that easy because of the problems they would face.

The problems,

They would face a lot of problems in the prison because it’s not a safe place and it is not a place that someone could easily escape from. So they would have to deal with the officials first and then the convicts themselves who would be lurking like sharks around these two guys. So they have to show the plan to only those who actually cares about escaping the prison. Not just that they would have to plan for the time that they would spend after they escape the place.

So will they solve all the problems? Will they break out of the prison? Watch the show to know more. It will be really fun. Have you already watched the show? Let me know in the comment down below.

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