MONICA GELLER/BING-The Compulsive Cook

“Welcome to the real world,it sucks but you’ll love it”The quote which started off the greatest sitcom in the world and also gave us a glimpse into the character called Monica.A character which we loved and cherished through out our lives.She dazzled us with her style of acting.She was an OCD both in reel and real life who annoyed the others through her mannerisms but she surely made us love her character.From the beginning her acting seemed a little natural because her character was similar to hers in real life.She played the role of a women who is independent and a great example for feminism.She would have played her part to perfection.She is my second favorite character in the show because of her antics and theatrics.

Her role in the show,

She plays the role of an anchor,the one to keep the group together and to carry everyone through their rough times with her wisdom.She is also the sister of Ross Geller.Their family jokes would always put a smile on your face.She would also have a great sense of humor and a perfect sense of timing which would make her jokes memorable.She would not just make jokes about her friends and with her friends.She would also give them valuable advice to make her the wisest of the group.She would act as a mom for the entire group telling them what to do and what not to do and she would get angry when they do something wrong.She would have done an amazing job in her acting to convince you that she does not play a mom role and it’s tough to pull that off.

The best moments of Monica,

Her best moments in the show stems from her obsessive compulsive disorder which would push the other characters to their limits most of the times(Well all the time).This would even push Phoebe to move out but through all this tough times she would make us laugh.Some of the laughs would also rise from her choice in men.Yes through out the first few seasons she would love guys who would be too old for her or too young for her and even when finding a perfect guy she would struggle to love him.The scenes where she would ponder upon her on men would always make you laugh.She would be a professional cook who would have some rough times in the kitchen because of her OCD but it would all be fun for us to watch.

The wisest thing she said on the show,

“Seven,seven,seven,seven….” her advice on women’s erogenous zones and how to handle them to chandler before they were a couple on the show.That scene is still my favorite scene and one of the best in the show.Not only that she has given some great advises to others on how to live a perfect life.She would also be the one to kick start Rachel’s career.When they first met Rachel,she would be a rich spoiled brat who would have ran from her wedding and she would live off her dad’s credit card.Monica would make the others to help her find reality and a way to live in real life.She would also be a bridesmaid in Phoebe’s marriage where she would give her the best wedding that she could have hoped for and more.She would also help her brother through some of his tough times by giving him an emotional support.The way she would care for her friends would always move you.

Her famous catchphrases in the show,

The first one is the famous one but there are more quotes ranging from being a boss to being tough.From “You don’t tell me what to do I tell you what to do” to “There’s a right way,a wrong way and there’s a Monica way”.These are just some of the best quotes of Monica in the show.Just watch the show to have a laughing riot.

As i said she would be the wisest one in the group who would make all the right decisions and after a drunk day in London she would decide to fool around with a friend but that would spark a great relationship.What i’m trying to say is,she is always right even when she makes mistakes.That’s how good she is.Her development through the relationship would be something to behold.You know,the transformation from a best friend to a great girlfriend and to marry the man of her dreams is awesome.She would be the one who would make a real man out of Chandler and that would be a tough thing to achieve.Sometimes it would be tough but they would work on it together to be the best couple in show business.

All i can say is,She is a powerful independent women who would always be the smartest person in the room.She would be a good friend,an amazing sister,a great girlfriend to become a good mother.On this lovely day all i want to say is that she would be the most loved character in the show!!Just watch the show to see a wonderful female character who would always make you laugh and you would love her transformation in the show.

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