NORMA BATES-An Abnormal Fore bearer

Everyone life depends upon how they were raised when they were younger. So it all depends on their family and the values that they teach you. yesterday I talked about the son who turned into a psycho just because of his condition and how his mother fueled that condition to a level of forest fire. So today we are going to take her side of the story and see her actions on the matter. Did she deliberately do it? Did she even try to cure her son’s condition. What was right and what was wrong? So let’s get into it shall we?

Her Role,

She would be a lonely single mother who would be a drifter moving from place to place and not settling anywhere because of her insecurities. This would be the first mistake since the boy will not form a bond anywhere and attachments which will only get worse when does settle in a place. She will also struggle to keep the family afloat which will also affect the boy. So the motel and the house will be like a fresh start for these or at least that’s what they would think until everything would get screwed. Why is that? Let’s see.

Their Misfortunes,

They would have a pretty messed up life and routine and to their chaos the motel would be a calming solution. However it is always hard to start a life in a new place filled with new people and the Bates family will find out about that in a harsh way. They will be invited to the new city in an ugly way with the previous owner of the motel welcoming them with a threat. Even with the backing of the sheriff they will have a hard time keeping him off the property. Until one day he will break in. That would start the chain of events in the show.

As A Mother,

She will be a dedicated mother who would want nothing but goodness for her kid. However she will be biased with her kids and that would be an understatement. She will not even care about her first kid. Even if he is bad it’s a mother job to love him and bring him to the goodness in the world. So why is that the case? You have to watch the show to know more on this topic. Her biased view to her kids will be the reason for her son’s evil nature.

Her Son’s Condition,

Because of her undying love for her son she will not see what’s right and what is wrong and she will even fuel the condition. After realizing her mistakes she will try to change her actions but it will be too late. Her son will be too dependent on her and even when she is not present he will imagine his mother and prove his actions which will only get worse as the show goes on.

So what do you think? Do you like her character? Let me know in the comments down below.

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