NORMAN BATES-The Pubescent Psycho

Our life choices when we become adults depends on our childhood and if it is screwed up then we are going to screw up the world in one way or another. So why that’s a thing? Well this show gives us a perfect example for that statement and much more. So let’s dive into the mind of Norman Bates to see what screwed him so bad for him to change into a psycho and a serial killer. This article will be filled with some dark moments from the show and dark content so if you are uncomfortable don’t go beyond this line. If you’re comfortable let’s get into it shall we?

His Role,

He would be the main lead of the show and his teen years would be shown for us to understand him a little better and why he became a serial killer in his adulthood. The reason for that would be his mother. I know that doesn’t make any sense but I will talk about that with a little more depth. However his role will be there as a dedicated son who would listen to his mom,a little too much. They would also direct the show to his school to show how he handles the pressure of schooling.

His Mom,

He would not have a dad and his brother would be a no good crook who would not even be with the family. So he would be taken care by his mom and that would be a fine thing until one fine day. They will be going from place to place to get their life in order and finally they will buy a motel and a home near by home. However that might sound perfect and everything there would be a problem. The previous owner will attack them and in self-defense she will kill him. That won’t be the problem,she would get rid of the problem by hiding the thing. Her first mistake that would have an impact on the boy.

His Teen Years,

He will be a confused boy who will have a rough time after hiding a dead body. His mother would even prove her actions to her son which will affect his judgement and ideology. He will have an okay time in his school but that would also lead him to a dark path that would screw up his ideology even more. His brother who find their new place and he will be even more of a screw up that will really fume Norman and his quest to save a missing person will push him over the edge and into his mental illness.

His Illness,

With his mom getting rid of the body and a few other endeavors in his teen years he would pick up a mental illness that would screw up his entire life. That illness would drive him to be a serial killer and a psycho. What it is? A condition which would make him hallucinate his mother who would say everything he does is right and would force him to some mistakes. He would fight it for a while and his mother would help by getting him some medical help but it will end in vain as it would get permanent. He would use the motel as a base to kill incoming travelers with hallucinating his mother who would say that’s the right thing.

So have you heard this plot somewhere? It’s because the show is based on a movie called as the ‘Psycho’ which would show Normal Bates in his adulthood killing people and this show is an extension which would showcase his childhood. So have you watched the show? Do you like his character? Let me know in the comments down below.

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