OLIVER QUEEN-The Acrobatic Archer

This week will start the long journey in the realm of superheros and the sidekicks related to those heroes and the shows. Today we are going to start with the green arrow. The man who would be stuck on an island for five years who would learn from a lot of different people who will make him a skilled fighter. However that will not make him a vigilante,a warrior who helps people. Then what would push him to be a hero or who would? Sounds Intriguing right ? Let’s dive deep into the world of Oliver and take a look at his path to heroism.

His Family,

The family name,Queen who entitle him to loads and loads of riches that would make him act like a jerk. He will be a playboy who would do nothing but party all day and cause heart breaks to everyone. Basically he would be a spoiled brat before the incident that would change him and his family forever. His family name would really help him a lot after the incident but it will change as a man. He will have a beautiful sister and a wonderful mother who would be keenly waiting for his return. It wouldn’t be the same when he would return.

The Incident,

He will go on a trip with his dad on a yacht for a fun trip with the sister of his girlfriend. Yeah I told you he would be a dick. This trip would not give a favorable outcome to the Queen family since their ship would get destroyed due to a storm. Oliver’s dad would die in this accident and he would get a promise from his son. The sister would die in this accident or at least that’s what we would think. The promise that he would make to his dad would make him a vigilante who would put on a green hood to save people.

His Skills,

He would learn a lot of things after the incident to survive. Five years of flashbacks would give an insight into all his endeavors and his training on the island. He would also meet some people who would be hostile to him from the get go and some friends who would turn into enemies that would be out to get his life. Covering all this he would survive the island,learn,develop his skills and escape his enemies and the demons that would haunt his life.

His Team,

When he would return to his city he would plan to keep his promise and clean out his city and he would want to do that alone fearing the lives of innocence may be in danger. However that would change when his bodyguard would find the truth and a talented young woman who would help them in the technical aspects. So he would stat having a team and that would only grow in numbers but with the development of a team there would obviously some losses and those losses would cripple up his mental strength.

His Character,

Through all this he would combat his enemies,protect his family name,control his company and train other vigilantes. So he would have his work cut out for him most of the time in the show. He would also face his emotional side that was born after the incident that would really help out his sanity after becoming a vigilante. Sometimes you would question his ideas and decisions but in the end it will always makes sense. Overall he would just be a normal guy with mad skills who would want nothing but peace in his city. Will he make it ? Watch the show to know more.

So do you like his character? Have you watched the show? Do you like the actor who portrays his character in the show? Let me know in the comments down below.

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