OLIVIA POPE-An Adept Arbitrator

So if you want to learn about feminism you need to see this show. It is one of Shonda’s show who is the creator of Grey’s Anatomy. She would have done an amazing job by creating this show. So what’s the show is all about? It’s not your regular style of show that revolves around the ideology of a man leading the charges but not on this one. So let’s take a look at this awesome character who would kick asses in the show and even scare the most powerful people in the world. Let’s take a look at her role shall we?

Her Role,

She will be lead of the show and a woman who would know how to fix things and sometimes fix people. So she would do that with a private company to help people. She would do both for the public good and sometimes for cash. The people who would be working for her would be a rescue. What does that mean? Everyone would do something bad in their life and they would need someone to help them out. You know paving a new way and that would be Olivia Pope.So their loyalty wouldn’t be bought in the show.

Her Professional Career,

She would start as an adviser for a presidential candidate who she would eventually fall in love with but I will talk about that soon. During that campaign she would show her full skills and she would land a job in the white house. However she will quit that job because she will get romantically linked to the president himself,a family man so she would quit that job and become a private investigator. Some would say that’s a down step but personally that would not be the case. She would do just fine with her company and save many people’s life.

Her Love Life,

Now this is where things would get tricky. She would have regular relationships during the plot of the show but her true love would be in the oval office. You know the one they call the most powerful person. He would also have a family no less. This conundrum would take place for a lot of time in the show but finally they would conclude and I want you to watch that in the show. It would be a magical ending for them both.

The Cases,

As a fixer it’s not just about one type of case and solving it won’t be pretty easy. She would get a lot of different cases in the show which will always keep the team on their foot and keep the plot of the show a lot fresh. So there will be an underlying story from the start and a separate story for each episode. So go and enjoy the show and this amazing character.

So have you already watched the show? Do you like Olivia Pope’s character? Let me know in the comments down below.

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