ONE TREE HILL-Other Characters

I have talked about the main characters of the show you know the one who affects the plot of the show and today I’m going to talk about the side characters who would not be important to the plot but they will impact the main characters life both in bad and good way which will impact the plot. So I’m going to talk about the ones that affects the story indirectly. So let’s take a look at them shall we?

Dan Scott,

He will be the pain in the ass one. that would be because of his behavior to his sons and his attitude towards everyone else. He will be the one who would abandon his other son and he wouldn’t even care about his well-being. He would also push his other son way to much to become a big time basketball player which will not be approved by anyone else. He will have a flourishing basketball career as well as a young man and he would be the top scorer in his high school days. However he would want his kid to overtake him and be a great NBA player that he could never be and that would be due to his health problem.

Keith Scott,

I know he doesn’t have the fanciest name in the world but he will have a good character that will take him to places in the show. He would be the only reason that Lucas would have to not go berserk against his father or step brother in the show. He would be the sensible one in the family and he would take Lucas on the right path. However he will do something stupid that would cause a problem to the family and himself that will be interesting to see. So watch out for that.

Mouth McFadden,

The guy who would be pretty much a brother to everyone and that would lead them to no relationships and pretty much that will make him a sad lonely man or at least that’s what we would think. He would not be deterred by this fact because he will have a job and he will concentrate on that. He would be the commentator for all the basketball matches and he would find his passion in that. He would still have a tough time finding a girl but eventually he will settle down and have a great life.

Karen Roe & Deb Scott,

The moms of two the Scott’s who would have a distinguished character between them which will showcase directly in their son’s attitude. Karen would be the nice one with patienceĀ because she will be the single mom who would raise Lucas all by herself and on the other hand Deb would be an addict who would pretty much be distant to Nathan and that would be his reason for his bitchiness towards others.

So these are the side characters that I think that would have an impact in the show. What do you think? What characters would you suggest for this list? Let me know in the comments down below.

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