ONE TREE HILL-The Tree Hill Ladies

They say behind every successful man there is a woman and that quote can be explained with these three girls. They would have a unique character in the show and they will change the attitude of the boys and show them the right path. So there are mainly three woman character in the show and my favorite characters in the show. I’m not going to talk about the moms of the Scott’s or the side characters in the show. I’m just going to talk about the main leading ladies because they would showcase incredible maturity at a young age and one who would get matured after some poor life choices. So let’s take a look at these awesome characters shall we?

Peyton Sawyer,

She would be the love interest of Lucas in the show but she would be the girlfriend of Nathan for a while and it would take a lot of time for them to realize their love for each other but when they would do it their life would change forever. However reaching that point would be really hard for her but she will eventually reach it. In the first few seasons she would be a bit of social outcast but she will have some friends that would sustain her through high school. She will have great friendship with both Brooke and Haley and will act as a intermediary between them.

Haley James Scott,

She will be the matured of them all and a successful one because of the events in her life during her high school days. She will be a close friend to Lucas Scott and would believe that Nathan is bad but she will get to know about Nathan personally and she will fall in love with him. She won’t give up on Lucas though she will try to patch up everything between the two brothers and she will succeed in that mission. She will create a family with Nathan and that family would have Lucas as an uncle.

Brooke Davis,

She would be the spoiled one of them all and she would be a spoiled brat in the show. So how did she became successful in the show and her life. Well through some hardships and heart breaks. Sadly this heart break would be due to Lucas because he will date her for a while and he will cheat on her and break her heart in the process. She will have some hardships in high school that would transcend to her career as well. However she will have a positive attitude towards everything which will change her life drastically.

I promise you guys that watching the show will make you fall in love with these characters. So have you already watched the show? Do you like these characters ? Let me know in the comments down below.

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