PETER BURKE-The Determined Detective

The man who bring justice by capturing the charming and elusive Neal. He will have a tough road though with his tricks and deviations. He would be successful just because of Neal’s girlfriend. However that won’t be the case because he will catch Neal several times after their first meet proving his worth. He would also have a good team who would get along really well and form a bond over the course of their investigation. They would loyal to Peter and they would have doubt when Neal worked for the agency. So let’s take a look at the career agent and the career thief forming an amazing team.

His Character,

He would be a straight forward character with his family and in his job. He doesn’t care about threats because he knows how to handle them. He also would be hesitant about Neal at first but he would really need his help on the case so he would consider his deal. He would be regretting that deal a couple of times but overall he would be glad that it worked out. He will find a friend in Neal. This would correlate well in the show and their approach to solving cases.

His Family,

He would have an amazing wife and a cute dog as family. His story of how he met his wife would be cute and he would even put her on surveillance to just ask her out. Sounds creepy but it would sound cute for her and she will decide to date him. However he will have a child in the later stages of the show. He would get a happy ending. What about Neal? Watch the show to know more. His team of agents would also be his family and he would take care of all of them when they are in danger.

His role,

He would be second in command at the agency in New York division and he would be offered the head job in Washington. However he will not go there because of Neal and a big case. He would be promoted in his New York office as the head of the branch. He will be working on a big case that would give Neal a chance to be free. He will meet that feet and he would help Neal be free. However that won’t be easy and he would meet that in a perfect way.

His Judgement,

He would have a great judgement when it comes to solving cases and he would know how to control Neal. That right there is Jackpot because nobody else could do it.  He would face off with some Neal’s old enemies and he would always be the one who would choose justice before vengeance. His judgement would also be tested a couple of times but he would take the right decisions.

That’s all about him and if you want to know more about him than watch the show. Also if you have watched the show did you like his character? Let me know in the comment down below.

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