Phil Coulson-The Residual Handler

The man who has survived the specter to the heart from Loki in Avengers. I think it’s not a big surprise since the show has four season under his belt. If you still didn’t about his existence then this article is for you. I know I sound like a weird advertiser but you will learn everything about Phil and his life after his death in the Avengers. For someone who has been kicked from the film world to a small screen he would played a perfect role in the show without being a bitchy one about it. So kudos to him on that. So let’s take a look at his character shall we?

His Role,

Obviously the show would start from Coulson waking up from his death and his memory on what happened switched to something pleasant. So he would have that memory for a while and he would lead a team to solve weird problems around the world as the agent of SHIELD. See what I did there,moving on. He would also be the one who would clean up the mess of the heroes in the cinematic universe. Like when Captain America 2 ended his team would be put in a weird spot but he would be given the leader of SHIELD place from Nick to build the team from scratch.

As A Leader,

Getting the place of the leader is not an easy thing and when it’s for an organization like SHIELD and that too rebuilding it from scratch. However he will do really well with the given resources and he would pull it off. He would also have trouble from all the other agencies that will plan to see the end of SHIELD. He would work hard to enforce the SHIELD law that covers all earth and beyond. I know it’s a little too much but you will understand it when you see it.

The Cases,

He would face some weird cases in the show from a forgotten ancient city that would have a certain secret that would be the kick starter for the in humans in the show. We would also see Phil finding out the secret on how he was resurrected and that would out him out of commission for a little while. They would also fight the leader of the in humans who would be the leader of them who would escape from another reality where he would have been kept as a prisoner. There are plenty of other cases but those will be a surprise for you guys. So go watch it.

The Organization,

The organization would be present in the first season known to people but as the show progressed it would have connections with the films and that would have an impact on the show. Sometimes it would be other way  around which people would not realize. For example the start of avengers 2 would be started by Phil and his team and even the ship from the movie would be build by Phil. So he would always be there even if he is not there.

So do you like his character? Did you know that he was alive? Do you like the show? Let me know in the comments down below.

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