RACHEL GREEN-A Fanatic Fashioner

Rachel:It’s like…All of my life,everyone has always told me,”You’re a shoe”…What if i don’t want to be a shoe..What if i want to be a purse or a hat..
Rachel’s Dad:I will buy you a hat.
Rachel:I don’t want you to buy me a hat..I am the hat..It’s a metaphor daddy…
Ross:You can see where you have troubles..

The first comic sequence in the show which gave us an insight into the kind of character that Rachel was going to be. The episode also marked an end to her rich spoiled life that she had before this and at that moment she would start living an independent life. Imagine you start an independent life without having any financial support or any knowledge about jobs. Sounds scary isn’t it?If you have your friends support anything can be achieved and that would be proved in her case. Thanks to Monica she would start her own life. Rachel might have started as a run away bride but she played her part in the show to be in our hearts forever.

The first few seasons of the show,

It would be a struggle for her both personally and professionally as she would have bad taste in men and a stagnant career. She would not recognize Ross has a boyfriend material,even after Ross chasing her like a moth to a flame. He would chase her till the end of season one,where he would meet an another women and he would decide to move on,at that same moment Chandler would spill the beans about Ross chasing after Rachel for nearly ten years. Then she would chase Ross for a few months and during one drunk night she would call up Ross and say “I am over you and that is called closure”. When Ross would hear the message he would flip out and ask her what was that all about. This moment would be a massive plot change in the show where everyone’s feelings would be on the table. They would try to fight their feelings but eventually make out in the end. Life is not that simple though,it’s complicated and a tough one to understand,the lesson that Ross would learn. He would have a dilemma over who to choose,the girl of his dreams or the girl he moved on to. This would make him create a pros and cons list. Never ever do that. This would piss off Rachel and she would try to move on but Phoebe would predict they are lobsters. What?I know it’s a little confusing but watch the show to be cleared of that doubt.
She was really Ross’s lobster.

Her love life,

Finally she would give a chance to Ross and they would be happy for about a year and a half. It would be because of her new job which would restrict her from being with Ross. She would decide to take a break from the relationship. Hence the quote from Ross “We were on a break” and i personally take the side of Ross. They would hook up a few times after that and also they would try to get back together. They would also get married in Vegas. In their defense they would be very drunk. In Rachel’s words “It was not a magical night,it’s a worlds worst hangover”. They would be in an on/off relationship but during the end she would get a job offer from a company in Paris which would spark their chemistry back and Ross would go to the airport to win her back but she would get on the plane. She would realize her mistake and would get off the plane. The scene where she would say “I got off the plane” would be the most romantic thing ever to be aired in television.

Her professional life,

“I’m having coffee in my hand and that’s not even for me..” her own words which summed up her first job as a waitress. She would have a tough time professionally as this would be her first job and she would really suck at it. Chandler would suggest a change in career to her liking. She would choose fashion because of her experience in shopping,i know it’s a weird reason but she would shine in her job. There would be some ups and downs in her career but she would prove the world that she can be an independent women. Her professional career in fashion would be a great success.

Rachel’s impact on the world,

Rachel’s character was a great success in the show because of her impact on society. Her hairstyle was a defining point of the 90’s. Every women wanted to be her from the hair to her dressing and every men wanted a girlfriend like her. No other character in show business had this amount of success and kudos to the writers for creating a colorful and vibrant character.

Her famous quotes,

“Hey,just so you know:It’s not that common,it doesn’t happen to every guys and it is a big deal” a furious quote that she would shout at Ross. Reason for that is in the show and it is a hilarious one. Just watch it to know more. I guess i don’t have to explain the quote,if you don’t understand it then you must still be a kid. She has a lot more amazing quotes in the show and i want you to watch that on your own.

She really is an amazing example for everyone in the world regardless of gender because of her lessons on how to be independent.Not to shabby for someone who was a rich spoiled kid.Her transformation in the show is really something to behold. A good friend,an awesome girlfriend and the best mom. She is definitely one of my favorite female character in show business and no one is going to replace that any time soon.

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  1. Dude … unfair spoiler .. That last scene is one of the most satisfying moments in FRIENDS.. you just broke the pot for people who are at the middle..Amazing article btw.. I am totally insync with u throughout the article..

    1. I know it’s a spoiler bro but it’s also the best romantic scene in the show and thanks for the comment regarding the article..Really appreciate it

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