ROGER&kLAUS-The Essential Extras

Roger : Stan I broke your toothbrush cleaning my orphosieses.

Stan : Damn it I’m sick of your weird habits.

Roger : I’m sorry but if you let me out of the house I would not use your things.

Stan : Out of the question. You’re an alien and if my boss find out we are all dead.

Well this would be the conversation that would be the template for Roger and Klaus in the house. It would be due to the fact that both of them would not be a perfect part of the family. An alien and a fish who has the brain of a German athlete. No way they are a perfect family. So we are going to take a look at this weird extras that would turn into essentials during the plot of the show. Shall we?

Roger Smith,

You might wonder why an alien is in a sitcom. That would be due to Stan and his job as a CIA agent. The alien who would escape from area 51. Stan would be there to arrest him but he will faint and Roger would save his life and that’s how they would meet and Stan would repay him with a place in his house. That would be the point where the mooching off would start but eventually he would warm up to people’s heart but he will face some hardships on the way.

Roger : Look at the various cheeses I have ordered. We are going to register our expressions when we eat them.

* Stan would eat everything *

Roger : I’m not going to cry..!!!

A sensitive alien indeed.


This is a weird character in the show. Wait weirder than an alien,yeah how about a German athlete and Stan would switch his brain with a goldfish and that goldfish would live with him in his house as a family member. As i said weird. Not just that he would have a lot of funny moments in the show and he would also have some hardships in the show. Even Roger would make fun of the fish but he would also grow into the hearts of the family.

Klaus : It would have been all fine if CIA didn’t switch my freaking brain.

Stan : What was I supposed to do let Germany win the Olympic medal. No on my watch.

So what do you think about these characters? Let me know in the comments down below.

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