SCANDAL-The Best Episodes

I have talked about the main characters of the show and even the side characters of the show but that’s not going to convince you is it? So I have decided to talk about the best episodes that the show has to offer. These are my favorite episodes and I want you to watch them to know the style of the show. You will also see how the plot progresses and after this article you can make a decision yourself. There will be no spoilers obviously so you can read it without any doubts. So let’s start this Journey filled with wild scandals shall we?

Season 1,

A short season to begin with since it was started off as a replacement show. This season only had about 7 episodes but encapsulated the essence of the plot and story was developed pretty well. We would be introduced to some new characters added to the team and Olivia trying to solve a scandal connected to the president. You will be hooked to the plot because there would be a lot of secrets that would be close for a show. the best episodes to look out for are “Hell Hath No Fury” and  “Grant: For the People”.

Season 2,

This is the real start to the show with regular a 22 episodes. The last season would have introduced to all the characters in the Pope associates which would make you concentrate on the real scandal. That would be the identity of the killer who would attempt an assassination on the president and the other would be the affair between Olivia and Grant exposed the president’s wife. So Olivia has to control all this and more in this awesome season of thrill. So please do enjoy watching it. The best episodes to look out for are “One for the Dog” and “Any Questions?”.

Season 3,

The season which would fire at you from all sides in a good way. Yes,firing confetti like plot at you causing you to throw in a celebration because of the development of the plot. this season would mainly focus on Olivia reuniting with her family and getting to know more about her mother. She would also have trouble with the affair matter getting leaked. She should fight back on that while their team would have some internal fighting that would make someone leave. So yet another fiery season which you shouldn’t be missed. The best episodes to look out for are “It’s Handled” and “The Price of Free and Fair Elections”.

Season 4,

This season continues with Olivia returning to the screen after taking a small break. this break would help her from right decisions about certain topics. However the team would have been disbanded and everyone would have gone for some other jobs. So Olivia would work hard to bring them all close together and take on the common enemy,her dad. The leader of the shady organization inside CIA who would be pulling the strings on some wild notions. So the chase would be absolutely accelerating. The best episodes to look out for are “Randy, Red, Superfreak and Julia” and “Run”.

Season 5,

In this season we would see a new turmoil in the oval office with the change in the tides of political powers. With the era of Fitz getting over they are working toward the candidate for the place of president. So there will be some loyalties turned and some decisions questioned which will make you wonder what the fuck has happened to everyone’s sanity. So enjoy. The best episodes to look out for are “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” and “You Got Served”.

Season 6,

This season only had 16 episodes because the lead of the show was pregnant and the shoot was delayed for a bit. However the season still had some amazing plot that would surprise you. The choice would be a close race but before Fitz leaves the white house he would face a big crisis that he has to take care off. There would also be some surprises in the season which you will find out when you see it. The best episodes to look out for are “A Stomach for Blood” and “Tick Tock”.

So have you watched the show? Do you like it’s style and approach to the plot? I promise you that watching the suggested episodes will make you attracted to the show or at least I hope it will. Let me know in the comments down below.

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