SCORPION-Other Characters

In this one I’m going to talk about the other main characters in the show. There is no side character in the show,so I’m going to some important characters in this article. These characters would have an impact in the show and these characters would pavé a new path for the team. Without these characters there wouldn’t be a team scorpion to begin with. So let’s take a look at them who are considered to be pretty important for the plot and nature of the show. Shall we?

Cabe Gallo,

He would be the homeland agent who would have a past with Walter. He would have been a father figure to him but he will screw up the first time and that will prevent him to help Walter in the future. He will be the one that will bring a case that would make the scorpion team intrigued and Walter would slowly forgive him for what he would do. He would then form a team and make them into a team. Overall he would be the guy who would help Scorpion sustain and help them stay sane. He would also bring out their potential which would make them relevant in the world.

Paige Dineen,

She would be the normal one in the group who would not have any skills in the show. However she would have high EQ that would be helpful for the team in many ways. She would console the victims when they would be weeping and calm them down when they would be raged for some cases. She will also get attached to Walter but that sexual tension would be put on hold for three seasons but it would explode with a bang and it would be a satisfying scene in the show.

Ralph Dineen,

The real genius in the group who would be great at reading the room and someone who would help the team in many ways. He would want Walter and his mom to get together but it would not work out. He would also be doing high-end advanced classes at a young age and making us feel inadequate. He would always have amazing screen time in the show so please watch the show because he will be an amazing character.

So have you watched the show? Do you like it? Do you like his character? Let me know in the comments down below.

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