SCORPION-The Best Episodes

Today I’m going to talk about the best episodes to look forward in the show called as ‘Scorpion’. This article would concentrate on the plot of the show without giving anything away. So you can read this spoiler free article to know more about the show. These episodes are picked because of their critical value and entertainment factor. So you can watch these episodes with confidence to know more about the show. These episodes will also show the best and worst of the characters giving you an idea about what they bring to the table. So let’s get started shall we?

Season 1,

In this season we would be introduced to the four prodigies in the show and their roles in the team. We would see some side characters would play an important role in the show as the plot would develop. So the team would be formed and it would start taking some tough cases that can only be solved by the scorpions. These nerds would be explained to the people in many ways through Paige who would be the emotional anchor of the team. Cabe would take care of the government from his end and the partnership would be a successful one. It would also have some negative characters that would not be villains rather normal people who would try to destroy the team from inside. So the best episodes to showcase the season are “Pilot” and “Postcards from the Edge”.

Season 2,

In this episode the team will put behind all the negativity and starts fresh on the development. the season would concentrate on the past life of the scorpion members and some emotional episodes that would explain about their families. It would be the first time that would showcase the emotional aspect of the team. These would be great and show us the character development. In terms of professional cases the toughness would be increased and solving them would give us more satisfaction. Overall a satisfying season. The best episodes to look out for are “White Out” and “Fractured”.

Season 3,

In this season we would see Walter and Paige fighting the sexual tensions between them and due to this there would be a lot of awkward moments in the group but also some fun moments in the show. There would be a lot of grown up moments from the character and just because of that fact the name Scorpion would be a famous one to the world. So the difficulty would scale up with the cases. There would be a lot of moments in the season which would show that scorpion is more than a team of geniuses. A marriage,a close death saved in the end and a long haul survival in a deserted island. So the best episodes to look out for are “More Civil War” and “Scorp Family Robinson”.

So have you watched the show? What’s your best episodes from the show? Let me know in the comments down below.

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