SGT NICHOLAS BRODY-The Pulverising Patriot

The solider who fought bravely for his country gets trapped by the bad guys and tortured for many years. He is a patriot holding on to the fragment of memory which flashes in front of him from time to time. This image will carry him through the humiliation and torture that he would be put through.He would be a patriot till a point where humanity would put to a test. This incident will change how he look at his life and the country he loves. His patriotism will be changed to someone’s idealism. A hero of war will be turned.

His career,

He would be raised in a family which would have a great history of men joining the military. Therefore his career option wouldn’t be a tough one to make. He would serve his country proud with a staggering level of dedication. He will have a perfect childhood,a perfect family and a well established career. This will all be changed during the war. It will ruin his reputation and his patriotism.

His family,

He will have an ideal family with a lovely wife and two kids. He will be an amazing dad and he will take interest in his kids lives. He would be a great husband and they would live their live together like any other regular family. The memories of his family would be the main key which will let him survive the cruelty that he would face during his capture. He would hold on to his last breath and wish to see them one last time. The wish which would get satisfied but it will all soon change.

His welcome back party,

This would be an awkward one. The country would welcome him as a hero,a warrior who can withstand about anything but a single CIA agent would doubt his entire existence and his arrival. His family would be changed and his country would also be changed. He would have lost the identity and in this times you need something constant. He wouldn’t have one which would really screw up his return. This will interrupt his return plan for his country.

His plan,

In his time of capture he would tortured by various means but they won’t make a psychological dent but the leader of the organisation would find a way to break him. A kid. That would be their choice of weapon. The leader would let his kid get close to Brody and this would remind him of his own son. Therefore he would get close to the kid and they would have a father and son relationship. This will not end well though since he is the emotion with which they are going to manipulate he would be sacrificed. They would say it’s a drone attack and it’s the Americans fault but they could have done it on their own. This would emotionally break Brody and he will let the manipulation begin.

His intention,

He would reënter america to kill the top government officials. This will be an easy one because he will be hailed as a hero and he will be running for vice president. This feet will be achieved by him at one point in the show. He will also be chased by the CIA agent and after a failed attempt she will show his true face to the agency. From this point he will play a double game and he will nearly meet it.

His character would be a fine example on how the country’s treat their veterans. He would leave his country a proud patriotic citizen but return to it an idealistic traitor. Just watch his character and most of the time you would feel sad for him and you would support even his bad antics.

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