SHANE WALSH-The Bastard Best Friend

The man who would screw up everything in the show by being a best friend to Rick. He will also be his partner in the force so he would be the one who should save his life. However he will be the one who would admit Rick in the hospital and forget him forever. How can a friend do that? That’s a question that will be answered in the show with a long way around. The tense relationship between them would set the tone of the show. So let’s take a look at this character in-depth and the moral compass of this character in the show.

His Role,

He would be the replacement Rick when he would be in the coma. He would save his family and take them on a survival journey. This would make him a hero and it would only get better when he would save others as well. So it might seem that he would be the MVP in the show. That would be the case till his attraction for Rick’s wife. I can’t stress this point enough this would be a sick part in the show. He would have sworn to save her not to fuck her. Asshole.

His Character,

He would be hard ass with a narcissistic attitude and a tendency to lie about the situation. He would lie to Rick’s wife that he is dead and that he won’t be coming back which will be awkward when he will come back to the group. He will also have a leader complex which will piss some people in the group and it will vanish when Rick would take control of the group. Then we will see the real attitude of Shane in a lot of different situations. Sometimes he would annoy everyone to the core.

His Development,

He would be a hard ass with an angry attitude. He will have only that aspect of him developed in the show and not you normal character development. Like his innate ability to feel or save someone or back off from Rick’s wife. His attitude would get only worst and worst which will make everybody mad and that includes Rick. He will be taking it easy for a while but he will be pissed after a certain point. What will happen after that? That’s in the spoiler territory. So I won’t show it here. Watch it on your own.

Positive Things,

Seems like all the things that I said about him were negative. Because he is that kind off a guy. However I wanna be positive and talk about all his positive attributes.  He will save a lot of people in the start of the show and keep them safe for a long period so you have to give him that. He will also give Rick the mantle when he would come to join the survival clan of people. He would also be considerate at a certain missions in the show and consider their emotions. So overall not a jack ass but not a good guy either.

So what do you think about his character? Do you like him? Do you hate him? Let me know in the comment down below.

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