SHERLOCK-Other Characters

The main magic of the show lies with the two leads of the show,Sherlock and Watson but there are some other characters who would have played their role to perfection and today I’m going to talk about these other characters in the show.

Molly Hooper,

The girl who would have a big crush on Sherlock and she would be too hesitant to do anything about it. She will be really innocent and a lot of people will take advantage of that. Even Moriarty will use her to get close to Sherlock and he will be successful. She will try to make Sherlock jealous by going out with another guy but that have any effect on Sherlock but she will help him escape Moriarty.


Mary Watson,

The women who would make John fall in love with her and making him settle for a family. She will also be settling for him after having a dangerous past. Sherlock will give them a perfect wedding and he will let them be a family. Till her past life coming back to life to haunt her mistakes. This will disappoint John but he will accept her because he would have married her and all her problems. There is a big spoiler connected to her character and I want you to watch it on your own.



The women who would act as the caretaker in the baker street house but on any given day she can be a dangerous women. She would be a widower of a drug lord which will translate into fancy cars and prime real estate. She will take care of Sherlock and she would be the only women who can tolerate Sherlock and his antics. She will be pleased when John would be a roommate of Sherlock and she will use him to control Sherlock.


Mycroft Holmes,

The brother who has more infinite wisdom and caring emotion. He will always look out for his brother but from a distant because no one wants to see a standoff between the two smartest people in the room. He will not get well along with Hudson but he will use John to get closed to Sherlock and he will also use him to protect his little brother. He will however be hiding a big secret from Sherlock the one which will give them a chill down their spine.

Irene Adler,

She is not any normal women,she is the women who would be a dominatrix who would have an easy time controlling the local population of London till her meet with Sherlock that will change both of their lives. He will investigate into Moriarty and Mycroft will point him towards Adler who would have some sensible information that will jeopardise national security. Her life will be at risk and therefore she will be spending more time with Sherlock and they will realise how much they care for each other. He will solve the case which will cause danger to Irene and when everyone thought she would die Sherlock would save her in the end. Under the thick crust he would be a gooey romantic.

Jim Moriarty,

The man with infinite wisdom which he uses to conquer the criminal world. This will be offset by one man and his intellectual skills but even for him it will be a tough job. He will fool the great mind to get close to him for information and then he will kidnap John for leverage and he will win the first battle. He will however lose the second and with it he will literally lose everything. However his end will not mean everything because he would left a gift for Sherlock,an unpleasant one. The gift will be a parting one. Yes a parting one. He will die and send a message from beyond to Sherlock.

These lads make up the better part of the show and they do a best job of keeping the show at a high level. They will help Sherlock in their own way to make his life a little easy. He will however make their life miserable but they will help him regardless. There are some characters who have been written off from the show so I won’t make any of the characters my favourite. A friendly advice.


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