SHERLOCK-The Best Episodes

I have talked about the show and a brief introduction into the characters of the show regardless of their importance to the plot development. In this article I’m going to talk about the plot development and the best episodes to look out for in each season. Since every season has only three episodes I will tell you the best one to watch among that. There are a lot of spoilers in the show but I will try to keep it to a minimum.

Season 1,

The season where everything would begin. Sherlock would find a friend in Watson and this guy would be the centre of everyone’s life. Mrs.Hudson will use him to control Sherlock and Mycroft will contact his little brother through Watson. In this season they will come to know about Moriarty and his plan for the world. They will also solve some normal cases but they will get clues to the big ones from theses cases. They will nearly stop Moriarty in the last episode but he will live another day to commit crimes. They will introduce us to all the characters in the show and their role in the show. The best episode in the season is “A Study in Pink”.

Season 2,

In this season Sherlock will be given a case by the women who will also information about Moriarty. She will soon be drawn towards Sherlock which will put her life at risk but when the case was solved she would be saved by Sherlock. Their next case would be to solve a psychological case which would be the corner-stone of the season. The finale however would be a rough ride for everyone. Moriarty’s character would come to an end but at a price and that’s a big spoiler. The best episode in the season is  “The Hounds of Baskerville”.

Season 3,

This season would open up the plot of the show in all possible direction. The suspenseful ending from the last season would be finally revealed and it will be a doozy. John would have fallen in love with a women and they will even decide to marry each other. This season will also concentrate on their big wedding. They will also deal with the aftermath of Moriarty’s end and the past of John’s wife. Sherlock would commit a crime in the finale which would render into nothing with the help of his brother because of a bigger problem that can only be solved by Sherlock. The best episode to look forward is “The Sign of Three”.\

Season 4,

In this one the family of Sherlock will be analysed at a deeper level. There will be a bigger truth revealed by Mycroft which will terrify the entire Holmes family. This will disrupt their lives in a big way but that’s just one of the surprises present in this season. This will be a sad surprise but a big plot changer in the show. The best episode to look forward is “The Final Problem”.

These are the main episodes in each season which if you decide to watch will give you an inside look into the show. Please do watch the entire show and since there are only 3 episodes per season you can make a wonderful weekend out of them. The writing,screenplay,acting would have been done in a brilliant way.

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