STAN SMITH-The Advent American Dad

Stan: Good morning USA,

I’ve got a feeling that it’s gonna be a wonderful day,

The sun in the sky has a smile on his face,

And he’s shining a salute to the American race,

Oh boy it’s swell to say, Good morning USA!

Choir: Good morning USA!!

The starting song of the show should give you an insight to this awesome yet slightly conservative and that’s saying something. A true blooded american dad with a wonderful family and a slightly close mind which will create a lot of fun moments between him and his family and in his professional life. So we are going to take a look at his life because it’s going to be fun. Let’s get into it shall we?

His Role,

He would be the main lead of the show and the man of the house who would take his job a bit more serious than others. He would also take pride in doing whatever he does and that will get to his head a lot. Throw in his job at the CIA you get a psychopath with a family and a gun. This phenomenon would be proven time and time again in the show.

Stan : Guys the threat level has been changed to orange. Be careful everybody.

*Toaster goes off*

Stan : Empties his gun.

Haley : It’s just toast dad.

Stan : This time it was toast Haley. This time it was toast.

His Family,

He would have a great family with a beautiful wife and two kids but he would love only one of them because the other would be an open-minded liberal who would hate the conservatives and that would be the blood flow of Stan. So you see where the trouble would begin. He would also have two other unwanted members in the form of a talking golden fish and an alien in the attic but I will get to them a little later.

Stan : You’re a hillbilly liberal woman Haley.

Haley : You’re a gun loving warmonger dad.

Francine : Stop it. Look at you guys. You used to love each other and now look at you.

His Professional Life,

He would be a weapon specialist and a field agent in the CIA and it would be the right job for this madman and it would give us a lot of laughs. Like Stan trying to be the number 1 to his boss or getting a well-earned promotion from the agency or him trying to get an exciting mission from his boss. He would also do cruel things to his wife like frame her for a murder because he would hate to hear the much dreaded four letter word. ‘I told you so’. Yeah he is that crazy. He would also do some other crazy things that you would want to check out in the show.

Stan : Don’t laugh. This mission is serious,I predict everybody but me and that guy dies.

*Everyone gets scared*

*Other guy smiles*

Stan : Don’t smile. You will live but not well.

I know that he is a dick head but that’s the point of the show. There are lot more instances where he would prove that he is not a capable adult making adult decisions and being an agent at CIA.

So do you like his character? Have you watch the show? Let me know in the comments down below.

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