SYLVESTER DODD-The Mathematical Prodigy

The man who can remember anything and calculate anything for the team and that’s all fine and good but it will all be highly negative when it would come to survival. He would always have a negative thought process which would put the morale of the team down from time to time. He would also be a germ hater and he would be making people know of it. An annoying behavior which would piss off the team from time to time. He would also chicken out sometimes when the situation gets hard. So let’s take a look at this mastermind and all his behaviors.

His Role,

He would be the last one in charge of a four member team and that would say something about his leadership qualities but that would only be during the start of the show and that transformation would be really great. He would also be the one that can remember anything at anytime at any type of situations. So he will be the main character in the show but he would ruin his own importance by being scared. He would also save people’s life by always having an escape plan in his mind. Yes when I said calculations I meant everything.

His Family,

He would have a hard life before finding solace in scorpion. Yes everyone would have a sucky past. He would live in a family that would have a dad who would want a son who is not a geek. That would cause tension in their house which will be painful for Sylvester which will give him abandonment issues in life. He would also give up on his parents who would realize their mistakes only later but by that time it would not be a big matter. So scorpion would be his family.

His Professional Life,

He would be a mathematical prodigy in the group who can solve several tough questions and solve tough equations to solve cases. He would also remember important things that would be happening in the show. He will also be a chess grand master who would know all the outcomes from the beginning. He would also be the one who would be good in hacking and he would be second to Walter in the group. He would also enter into politics after having his favorite building would be threatened to destroyed. So he would be a jack of all trades.

His Personal Life,

He would be a scared guy when it would come to finding love but he will find love when he would meet Walter’s sister. He would be a romantic guy who would help her through her sickness. He would even marry her to just help her live a little longer and a lot happier. He would be a happy man with the love of his life by his side. He would also be a comic book nerd and he would not be shy to express his love for them.

So have you watched the show? Do you like the show? Do you like his character? Let me know in the comments down below.

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