TED MOSBY-A Prodigious Philosopher

“Doesn’t being scared let you know that you’re on to something?Yeah,I mean if you’re not scared,you’re not taking chances and if you’re not taking chances then what the hell are you doing?”. This quote changed my life and take a good look at it because it will change yours too. Ted Mosby,the male character that I love the most in show business said this life altering quote which made me change my lifestyle and that’s a good thing. Sometimes the limelight can go to the guy who is goofy or the one who is sarcastic or the womanizer but we all know who the real hero is in the show. Ted Mosby is the character that everyone can easily relate themselves too because he is the one who resembles the cold reality from career to romance. This guy is my inspiration and I’m going to explain why he is the best in the business.

The beginning,

The show is all about Ted’s journey in life and how he finally managed to meet his wife. The friends he made and pain he felt along the way would all be explained from his perspective. It would be a long hard way but he would be glad that it finally happened. The amount of times he would have failed both personally and professionally and I have felt the pain along with him and it’s going to make the article an emotional one. That’s how good the show really is with its style of narration. “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning to dance in the rain”. Which I sure did because of Ted.

His professional life,

He would be an architect,to build a skyscraper that touches the New York skylines but he would be constantly put down by his stupid boss. He would not deter because he would have passion and intellect to pull it off. Though it would not happen right away and in the meantime he would quit his job to start his own company. He would fail in that which will force him to change his career. He would become a professor and it would be the perfect job for Ted. He is the guy to teach kids about architecture and added bonus of how to live their lives. Trust me he would teach you many,many things in the course of the show. Like his lesson about anger “You might think that your only choices are to swallow your anger or throw it in someone’s face. But there is a third option,you can just let it go. And only when you do that is it really gone,and you can really move forward”. The powerful quote which made me move on from some anger that I held on in my life.

His love life,

This show is all about Ted finding the love of his life but as I said it would be a long hard road filled with sadness,heart breaks and emotions proving the cold reality of life. He would have a lot of love interest in the show but they would all end badly even his relationship with Robin. Yes he would be head over heels for Robin in the first season and they would even date after the first season but it wouldn’t work out. That won’t stop Ted from loving her because in his own words “Actually,there is a word for that. It’s love. I’m in love with her. Okay?If you’re looking for the word that means caring about someone beyond all rationality and wanting them to have everything they want no matter how much it destroys you,it’s love and when you love someone you won’t stop. Ever”. This quote would summarize how romantic Ted really his in the show. It would not be his fault that many of his relationship won’t work out. He would just waste his energy on wrong women. It would all change when he would meet the love of his life.

Ted as a friend,

He would be the model friend that everybody wants in their life. Caring and loving,helping them to make great life choices in life and listening to their problems. Ted would have a variety of friends,a couple which he would know from college and would have helped them to get together,a womanizer who would be hell-bent on improving Ted’s life and the women who he would date for a season.They would be best friends even after the break up. He would not change his personality for any of them,yes he might go to parties with Barney or to house-warming parties with Lily and Marshal. He would not change his attitude or personality. He has helped them a lot with his guidance and sometimes they might have broken his heart but he would still be a good friend.

His famous quotes,

There are a lot of quotes that shows the high intellect and maturity of Ted. I mean a lot,i have already mentioned some of his quotes but there are more. I’m going to talk about a share more of his amazing quotes about life-like “Kids you can’t cling on to the past because no matter how tightly hold on,it’s already gone” and “Sometimes things need to fall apart to make way for better things”. These are just few of his quotes and when you watch the show you’re going to learn a lot and be amazed with his intellect.

His impact on society,

He taught everyone about being a good friend and a romantic boyfriend. His love is pure,although it took a lot of time to find the mother of his kids,it was worth the wait. His life lessons are so necessary because he taught us how to take on life and its dark reality. When you feel too ecstatic or depressed or even anger just watch HIMYM and look out for Ted because he would teach you how to control your emotions as he taught me.

This show gave a connection to many people around the world. It spoke to them and guaranteed to help them with their lives and it did that through Ted Mosby. Just look out for him in the show. I promise that he won’t disappoint you.


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