Today I have a differently styled article which will discuss the concept of creating a serial killer and his mentality,like how he thinks,how he reacts and finally how he kills. So this is gonna be a dark article so if you are not comfortable with the idea and the content please stop reading now. But if you are okay with it then let’s discuss the ideology being how a serial killer is created with the help of Norman Bates. First we will discuss about his life and actions then we will talk about a generic serial killer and talk about how they act. So let’s get into it shall we?

Norman Bates,

As an adult Norman Bates would take up the mantle of the motel and he will be a good host until he would be forced by his condition to kill them. That would be the problem with him and that would be due to his mom. He would imagine that she is with him all the time and all his actions are justified by her. So he not even bury her after she dies keeping her body in his home thinking that she is alive. So why is that the case? Let’s see.

Their Reasoning,

So what’s the reason for that?  He would be growing up with the whispers of his mother and even after a certain age he will depend on his mother which will screw up his actions. That happens for a lot of serial killers fictional and non fictional. They get overly attached to someone and become overly dependent on them which will destroy their self ideology. That would screw up their life and their evil mind would take over. Sometimes it can be the exact opposite,where they won’t pay enough attention to them and that will screw up their ideology.

Their Transformation,

How come a normal young kid turn into a monster? It all depends upon their parents and their family. If they are raised well then they will be good but if not their thought process will be screwed. Raising a kid is one of the toughest thing ever and everyone knows that but that’s not all. There is one more thing and that is finding the balance between giving them attention and about their privacy. When done right we can many be kept the demons away. That is just a theory.

Some people are just evil because of the thrill. We cannot do anything about that but there are ways to change the regular ones.

So this is my ideology on this concept. What do you think? Let me know in the comments down below.

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