THE GRIFFIN KIDS-A Budding Bunch In Spooner Street

Chris’s Principal : He needs to pass the next exam to get to the next grade.

Stewie : I will use my time machine to teach him some history. Let’s wake him up by saying it’s a dream. Wake up Chris you’re in a dream.

Chris : A dream!! Yay no consequences…Cuts his own hand.

Stewie : We have to do this all over again.

That little banter is just a trailer to the three Griffin kids and their antics in the show. Chris with his impressive vocal skills and dumbness,Meg being Meg and finally the true star of the show Stewie Griffin. The young master who mastered the entirety of time and space and the art of being evil. Every show needs an evil genius and in this one Stewie is the one. Let’s talk about them shall we?

Chris Griffin,

The first boy of the house and the kid who was a tough one from his birth. Literally he would be the biggest kid that would be born in all of Quahog. A picture of him being born out of Lois would be pretty amusing. Lois would even say that he caused her a lot of damage while he was born. He also the lucky charm of the house as his birth meant that the condom company had to pay the Griffin’s money for their failure which led them to buy a house. So it’s a win-win situation. He would have the same intelligent level as Peter,that means none. Their antics as father and son would never seize to amaze you.

Peter : I’m going to leave you Lois. Chris you’re the man of the house now.

Chris : Yes dad. Punches mom,farts on Meg and run around like an idiot.

Peter : That’s my boy.

Meg Griffin,

That is all!.

Wait I used the same joke last time didn’t I? That means I need to explain myself,that joke is prominent because of her precarious position in the family. She would be hated because Peter would have wanted a boy and therefore he would regret that he has a daughter and he will start to hate her. This would be reduced after 13 seasons but till then he will be her biggest bully. Her own father and i know it’s sounds morbid but this is a serious topic that people won’t discuss. So the writers have made it funny for people to know that it is not funny.

Meg : Yeah I’m important. I do matter.

Peter In The Other Room : Shut up Meg.

Because of Peter the words Shut up and that is all have become pretty famous.

Stewie Griffin,

The boy genius who has mastered pretty much everything except his sexuality. Yeah that is still a fun topic in the show. However apart from that he is an amazing character in the show who would be the centre part of the attraction most of the time. He would have invented so much at a very little age and some of them would have failed but it would turn in to an amazing attempt no matter the result. His friendship with Brian would be the vocal point in the show and their journeys would have brought in many fans to the franchise. His catchphrases like “What the deuce” and “Victory shall be mine” will be in our memories forever or till we get Alzheimer’s.

I know that the last one was dark but that will be the humour part of the show. If you don’t like don’t watch it but you will be missing out on something great. Comment down below your favourite moments with the Griffin kids.

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