TOBY CURTIS-The Psychological Prodigy

When I talked about Walter I said people with IQ would always have low EQ and that’s the reality most of the times. There would be some exceptions to the case and that exception would be this guy. The guy who does psycho analysis in cases and physically operates from time to time to save lives. Yes he operates on people and he would be very good at it because he would have a degree from Harvard. So let’s take a look at his life from professional to personal and his role on team scorpion. Let’s get into the groove of things shall we?

His Role,

When I said he would have high EQ I didn’t mean he would be well-behaved and well-mannered. Fans love irony and they love a clown so put those two together and you would get Toby,a man with high IQ and EQ and still acts like a little baby. So his role would be to produce comic relief which would release some tension in the team and sometimes he would be the one who would cause tension by fighting with Walter about his leadership. So in conclusion he would be a jack of all trades when it comes to distraction in the team.

His Personal Life,

He would have a crappy life with a crappy childhood just like everyone else in the team and he would find solace in the team. So why the bitchiness ? Well he would like to have the leadership for himself and when he couldn’t get it he would act all bitchy. He would also have a love interest in the group in the name of Happy who would be the mechanical prodigy and she would live a closed life but Toby would try to break the tough exterior. Would he be able to do it? Watch the show to know more.

His Professional Life,

Before becoming a part of scorpion he would have been a part of Harvard,a therapist and a loads more but that would never be an issue. The issue would lie on the fact that he can’t control his addiction. You might wonder how a guy with high EQ and IQ get addicted to something. When gambling gets into the picture with a seductive chance to win some money. Anyone can get addicted to that so Toby would too and it would put the team in danger lot of times.

His Skills,

He would have skills in handling people and check their behavior. He would do that to pretty much everyone and his skills would help the team to know more about the people handing them the case. As I said he would also be a doctor who would know one or two things about saving people’s lives. Overall a life saver who would be a distraction in the team by being an annoyance or a comic. A fun guy who can analyze people and a valid member of the team.

So have you watched the show? Do you like his character? Let me know in the comments down below.

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