WALTER O’BRIEN-An Impassive Prodigy

Everyone would assume a man with an IQ of 197 would have everything figured out but that would not be the case in the show. Having high IQ would mean that he would have a low EQ and that would stop him from using his intelligence to the fullest potential. He would be the leader of a genius group called as the ‘Scorpion’. This group would all have geniuses and they would all have the same problem so they would be broke and living on the edge. So let’s take a look at this genius and the team that would solve the unsolvable. Let’s get into it shall we?

His Role,

He would be the leader of the Scorpion team and he would lead them on a path to success. Well not quite because they would all suck at managing people and not pissing them off so he would lead them to a path of debt and insecurity. However this will all change when a homeland agent would walk into their lives. He would have a prior connection with him and he would be doubtful about his intentions. So they will have a cold introduction but he will be a job to scorpion and promise them money and constant cases and that’s how the team would get into the limelight and Walter would make that happen.

His Family,

Walter would grow up in an Irish background with a mediocre family who would always put his intelligence down but that wouldn’t matter because if his sister. She would be the one person that Walter would hold on to for reality. However this would turn out sad because she would be struck down with M.S and that would make Walter into a sad man. He would try to save his sister with lots of different ideas but in the end it would be a lost cause. The interactions between him and his sister would have an incredible amount of emotional content in the show.

His Professional Career,

His professional success would not just be the formation of the team. He would have achieved a lot with his intellectual ability like winning in a high level hacking event to being great at chess and creating lot of cyber security. At some point in the show he would even build a damn rocket and launch it. Yes really a rocket that would be amazing in the show. He would also have a good connection with a billionaire that would give some amazing jobs to Walter from time to time.

His Personal Life,

He would suck in relationships because he would have low EQ so he would suck at staying in a relationship. So he would not be in a relationship for a while in the show until he would meet Paige. She would be the inter mediator in the group who would have high EQ and that’s when the real love struggle would begin. They would have it rough for the first couple of seasons but they would eventually get together.

So have you watched the show? Do you know that this story is based on true story? Let me know in the comment down below.

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