WILL GRAHAM-The Epitome Of Empathy

What does Empathy mean? An ability to understand others through both physical and mental aspects. The people who have it have a special ability and they are a bit more effective than your normal therapists. Although life is not all about sunshine and rainbows, so what is the downfall of this ability that let’s you empathise with someone? Hallucination and grasping reality. So those who have the ability can be easily manipulated and used by the villains which will happen in this show. It’s just irony. People who can sense things can’t sense that they are just being used. Let’s take an in-depth look at Will’s life and how he gets manipulated.

His Past,

Before meeting Hannibal he would working for the FBI in solving cases and sometimes he will even lend a hand to local PD. the first shot in the show will show you guys what kind of character that he is going to be. However he will remove himself from that life because he won’t like his powers and it would consume his identity. So he will teach about crimes and criminals in the FBI training institute where he will settle down in his life. That would change when Crawford would walk in with a case.

The Case,

This case would be a tough one because they would be chasing after a serial killer who would be abducting young women. Will would be reluctant to work in the case because he knows that it would get to his head. He will be reluctant to help but Crawford would promise to help him control his ability by using Hannibal. A wrong move on his end which will cost Will his piece of mind. They would solve the case but the case will only bring more mysteries in the future.

His Work,

He would be standing in the place of the killer and he would pretty much say what he did and why he did it. Pretty much his design and intentions. This will be fine as long as it doesn’t get to his head and that’s where Hannibal would come into the picture. Hannibal would take his opportunity to test out the human brain for his amusement and to have some thrill in life. This will slowly start to work after the arrest. He would think himself as the serial killer.

His Development,

He would have an awkward character development in the show where he would have a good start which will be damaged by Hannibal and when he would stabilise he will be framed for a murder by Hannibal to prove who is in control of his mind. He would even work to bring Hannibal to justice but that would end in vain. I’m not gonna show how it will end because it’s a big spoiler. So watch it on your own. You would also know the answer to the apprehension of Hannibal Lectar.

His Love Life,

This part would be a small one because he will have no option in terms of romance. He will be in a relationship with someone but it will be ruined by Hannibal yet again and not just that Will would have a good friend who would be romantically get interested in him but Hannibal would disrupt that too. Hannibal is evil so it’s in his job description to cause chaos.

However for me Will would be unlucky. He would just be  normal guy who would be working as a teacher and would love to give life to strays. This pure heart would be betrayed by his confused mind which will be a treat for Hannibal.

So have you seen the show? Do you like Will? Let me know in the comment section below.

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